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Call anytime, rain or shine!


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The Whole 9 Tree Service was built with hard work for fair prices. As our company has gotten bigger, our output has changed but our philosophy hasn’t. We take a common sense approach to every job. And we work with our customers with affordable options.

We provide free estimates to everyone in our service area. Additionally, our prices never come with sales ploy or condition. We never pressure our customers into buying our work. We encourage everyone to get multiple estimates when making a decision.

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Our Service Area In Virginia Beach

Wev’e been doing business with our Kempsville neighbors since our beginning. From massive tree removal jobs to small trim jobs, Kempsville has a little bit of everything. As Acredale Saddlery has become a staple of the Kempsville area. We hope to do the same. 

Salem is such a big area of Virginia Beach. We are very thankful for our customer base in Salem. From Roundhill to Princess Anne, we appreciate your work.

Landstown is such a pretty part of Virginia Beach. The suburban neighborhoods have a country feel. Let us help you keep your properties beautiful. We can get your trees back to complimenting your home.

We love working off of Centerville Turnpike. Having a 5 minute drive to the job makes life easy on us. Which makes prices easier on you. Plus we get to eat our lunches at Chichos.