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Call anytime, rain or shine!


Chesapeake's Homegrown Tree Service Company

Our mission at The Whole 9 Tree Service is to be Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake’s premier tree service company. 
Trevor Hunt - Owner of The Whole 9 Tree Service

Founded by Trevor Hunt in 2008

As the owner of The Whole 9 Tree Service, I have made it a priority to provide the very best customer service to all my customers. My business is my passion and I want everyone who has an experience with us to be completely satisfied.

My goal is to make The Whole 9 Tree service a powerhouse tree care company in Hampton Roads without losing any of our small business charm. 

How our business is built

We are built to keep our prices low. Tree services can be extremely expensive to run. For basic equipment, many tree service owners can into debt over a million dollars. But we learned to keep our overhead low. Instead of buying overpriced new equipment, we keep our older machines running. Our equipment may not look new but our trucks stay on the road. 

We are an owner/operated company. The only climber for The Whole 9 Tree Service is Trevor Hunt. This means the quality of our services always has the owners stamp on it. We don’t use cheap labor and hope for the best.

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How We Started

We started out with a will and an old dump truck. Tree climbing is an exhilarating trade to learn as a young man. But to run a profitable tree service, equipment is a must. 15 years later we have 3 dump trucks, 2 wood chippers, a bobcat loader and an industrial stump grinder.