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Call anytime, rain or shine!


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Quality Work For A Fair Price

We strive to give our customers the best value for their dollar. From the first cut to the final rake, our work is always done with professionalism. We want to keep our Chesapeake neighbors happy. So then we can continue doing what we love everyday. The Whole 9 Tree Service wants to be your long term partner in keeping your trees beautiful and healthy.

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Tree Service Expertise

Tree services are more than just climbing a tree and cutting a branch. While many jobs we carry out are labor based. Many other jobs take a great deal of experience to be done correctly.

Close quarter tree removals need an experienced rigger to be done safely and efficiently. Our climbers understand how to use leverage to pull large branches away from homes. Limb walking is skilled maneuver that should only be done by professional climbers. 

There are a vast number of trees that grow here in Southeast Virginia. And every species different from the next. Understanding the nature of a tree allows us to understand the proper way to trim it. A Willow Oak Tree will scar over a medium sized limb after it is cut off. River Birch Trees must be sprayed with a sealant. They don’t scar over nearly as well as an Oak and the exposed wood will rot very quickly. Afterwards a hollow section will be left in your tree.

Your One Stop Shop For Tree Care

Professional tree removal services provided at affordable prices. We offer total removal without bringing any large equipment onto your property.

Our Trimming services vary from total crown reduction to minimal thinning. We can transform your trees from being a nuisance in your yard to making your home a staple in your neighborhood.

Tired of tripping over the same stump every time you cut your grass? Looking to build a shed but have an old stump in the way? Give us a call. We can take care of it in no time.

If you have a broken or fallen tree on your property call us anytime. We can get you back to your daily life in no time. We won’t gouge your insurance company or take advantage of your situation. We’ll just give you quality service in a timely fashion.

Do you have a tree that is just too pretty to cut down. But is making you uneasy in your own home. While this service isn’t always a viable option, we can work with you to figure out the best option for your tree and sanity.

Looking for an ornamental tree to accent the front of your home? Or a fast growing shade tree over your back patio? We offer free consultations to discuss the pros and cons of any viable tree species that could work on your property.