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Stump Removal Services

Stump Grinder performing stump removal.

Stump Grinding Services Done Correctly

Quality stump grinding services depend on 2 things. The proper equipment and a disciplined operator. The Whole 9 Tree Service has both. We grind our customers stumps all the way out. We don’t just grind until the stump visibly unnoticeable. 

Stumps are an eyesore to any property. They can hurt the grading of a property as well as attract pests right next to your home. Rotting stumps can also kill nearby grass in your yard.

Many people decide to try and dig out a large stump on their own. But one afternoon of trying and they are happy to call the professionals. Others will attempt to burn the stump. However a stump never burns as far down as one hopes. The best option is to just call the professionals. and let The Whole 9 Tree Service take care of it for you.

Stump mulch removal

Stump Mulch Removal

Stump grinding makes a mess. A big one. Stumps are condense pieces of wood in the ground. When they are grinded into chips, they can increase in volume 10 fold into the form of stump mulch. Stump mulch can be used like regular mulch to help keep weeds down in flower beds. But dirt is mixed in with the chips during the grinding process. So it is not an attractive alternative for regular mulch.

We don’t like to leave our customers with a mess. So we don’t. We are happy to remove your stump mulch. Also, we can remove the raised bed where the stump was located in. Our job is to get the area to the grade of your surrounding yard.

Stump Grinding Equipment

Our stump grinder is an oldie but goodie. We use a modified Carlton 4400-4 stump grinder. The same model from 30 years ago is still being sold today. Just under a rebranded model number. The Carlton 7015. 

It utilizes a belt driven system that runs off of a 46 KW Hatz engine. Most grinders being sold today are hydraulically driven at the cutter wheel. That unfortunately leeches much of the power created at the engine. 

We use the Greenteeth Reverse S cutter wheel system which is arguably the industries leading stump cutting system.

Our machine rides on 6 tires. However the 2 outer tires are easily removable. That allows us to fit into backyards with smaller gates.

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