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Tree cutting services by The Whole 9 Tree Service in Salem

Tree Removal Services

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Residential Tree Removal Services

Whether It is a large Oak Tree towering over your home or a small Crape Myrtle you no longer like, we can take care of it for you. We specialize in close-quarter tree removal. We use climbing and leveraging techniques to remove large branches over homes and other structures. 

There are many reasons to remove a tree and tree removal is a common part of our job. Any large tree close to your home has some risk. We will always be honest with you about the risk factor of your trees. We are happy to advise you if they should be cut down or not. 

Total Tree Removal

There is a reason we call ourselves The Whole 9 Tree Service. We really do go the whole 9 yards. A tree removal job consists of more than just cutting down your tree safely. Brush is dragged out to our chipper and fed into our chip truck. Logs are then dollied out to the street and loaded into our log truck. We keep our big equipment off your property. 

Stump removal is the next process. After your stump is completely removed, we wheel barrow all the stump mulch out of your property and haul it away. After a thorough cleanup, your yard will look better than before we came. 

Total tree removal services

Reasons To Remove A Tree

Pine Tree Removal

Reasons To Keep Your Tree

Tree Removal Cost

There are many factors that go into the overall cost of removing a tree : size, location, health, risk, overall shape and surrounding structures. Getting a price can be a scary endeavour for a home owner. Especially a new home owner without any experience hiring contractors. Rest assured, we give no pressure free estimates without any sales tactics or gimmicks. 

Always Hire A Professional Tree Service

Hiring a tree service can be scary. You’re hiring someone to come to your home and do extremely dangerous work. Close quarter tree cutting is a skilled trade. It takes a true professional to be able to handle hard jobs. We ask everyone to get 3 to 4 quotes before having any work done. It is always a smart to to price shop. However, you also want to hire someone you are comfortable with and have full confidence in. Our team has the proper tools and know how to safely remove and properly trim any tree in the area.