Tree Trimming Services

There are a variety of reasons for a tree to be trimmed and a variety ways a tree can be trimmed. Trimming your trees can add a world of difference to the aesthetic value of your home. It can decrease your yard maintenance. As well as open up sunlight to sections of your property. And most importantly, give you piece of mind in your home.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning involves cutting selective branches off of a tree for whatever the reason. It could be a limb that is too close to your home or all the branches that are too close to the ground. Overhanging limbs can endanger your home and give a pathway for critters to access your home. Low hanging limbs can be unpleasing to the eye and also be a nuisance while cutting your grass.

Tree Thinning

Tree thinning involves removing the inside growth that crowds the crown of a tree. This can greatly improve the overall appearance and future health of a tree and is a popular tree trimming service. It takes a great deal of know-how to thin a tree correctly and our arborists at The Whole 9 Tree Service are happy to answer questions you may have about tree trimming services.

Tree Crowning

Tree crowning is cutting all the branches back on a tree to a selective point. This is done for aesthetic reasons or for the overall health of the tree. Bradford Pear Trees, for example must be crowned when they get to a certain size because the weight of their branches becomes too much for the tree and they break during wind storms.

Tree Trimming Procedures

Trimming trees the right way takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to do correctly. We use leveraging systems to pull large branches away from your home and we never wear gaffs when trimming your trees. Gaffs pierce through the bark of a tree to assist in climbing but leave pathways for bugs and fungi to enter the tree and cause damage. It also promotes growth where you don’t want it. We use a throw line to install ropes so our climbers can enter the tree without harming it. From there your tree rigged and cut so your final product is a beautiful tree that compliments your home.