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How Much Does It Cost To Cut Down A Tree?

There are many factors that go into the overall cost of removing a tree : size, location, health, risk, overall shape, and surrounding structures. Some trees may cost $250 dollars to remove from your home while others cost $5000. Here is an in depth article about why these prices vary from tree to tree.

Every tree is different so every price is different. Most tree services have a minimum price for a tree. So if you have a 10 foot tall Bradford Pear Tree, it will probably get a minimum price. What that price is varies from company to company but is usually in the neighborhood of $250.

Tree removal without heavy equipment

How Big Is The Tree?

It may seem a little tedious, but there are many factors to think about when judging the size of a tree. The diameter of the trunk, the height of the tree, the width of the crown, and how crowded the crown is. Sometimes a 50 foot tree with a 1.5 foot diameter trunk will cost more than an 80 foot tree with a 2 foot diameter trunk. This is because of the crown of the tree. Some trees grow many branches that overlap one another. This makes the job harder and more time consuming for the tree removal service.

Removing a Maple Tree close to house in Kempsville

Where Is The Tree Located?

The location of the tree is very important when factoring in the cost. A tree in the backyard will almost always be more costly than the same tree in your front yard. It is harder to get equipment in a backyard. Maybe you have a fence with a small gate that debris has to be carried through. The further away the tree is from where your tree service provider can bring their equipment, the higher the cost goes up.

The surrounding area has to be taken into account as well. Structures like your home, shed, patio, pool, driveway etc. are all big factors.  If a tree is over your home then it must be cut down branch by branch using ropes to lower the limbs down. This takes more time and the longer  it takes to cut down a tree the higher the price will be. Some services use cranes to handle jobs like this. Cranes are obviously a huge expense that the customer will pay for.

Large Sweet Gum Tree located behind shed

Is The Tree Healthy?

This factor really only pertains to close quarter tree removal jobs. Dead or diseased trees can be extremely hazardous to cut down. Diseased trees can usually be climbed. However, anchoring points must be thoroughly evaluated. Sometimes a nearby tree can be used to anchor in a climber.  But occasionally, aerial equipment must be used. Which can pose a major problem if a tree is in an inaccessible area. 

Sweet Gum Tree Removal in Chesapeake

What Type Of Tree Is It?

This factor is not as important as the others. But it is still a factor. Some types of trees are just harder to deal with. While most Maple wood will cut like butter with a fresh chain, Hickory wood will give it a struggle. Mulberry Trees always have an abundance of dead wood throughout. But unlike other trees, the rot resistant nature of Mulberry make dead wood tougher to deal with. Bradford Pear Trees have one of the thickest crowns of any native tree. They can have twice the volume of branches to deal with as a tree twice it’s overall size.

Why Do Prices Vary?

Tree services will execute a job with around 3 to 10 guys depending on the company. One man climbing or operating a bucket truck. They perform the cutting down of the tree. Then you have workers hauling debris to a place it can be processed. After that, someone will be running the equipment(chipper, bobcat, dump truck). The average tree company will try to get around $200 – $600(depending on risk) per hour for his guys to be working on your tree. This money will cover his labor costs, gas fees, dump fees, and general overhead(liability for the business, insurance on the trucks, maintenance for his heavy equipment, advertising for his business, taxes, etc.) The reason this number changes is because of the size of the business. Smaller companies cost less to run. Bigger companies can get more done in less time. So bigger companies will usually put a bigger price on a smaller jobs. However, on bigger tree jobs, they can usually give the best price.