The Whole 9 Tree Service offers a variety of tree services.

From large tree removal to ornamental tree restoration, we have you covered. From thinning out a Crape Myrtle, to removing 90 ft. Virginia Pine next to your home, we have the experience to remove your trees safely and bring back the beauty to your ornamental and shade trees.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming services are vital to making your home look its very best. While trees give value to your home, monetary and aesthetic. They can also hinder it. Trees too close your home can damage shingles and your siding while also making the front of your home look overgrown and unkept. With the right services, that same tree can compliment your home while giving shade to your house and character to your neighborhood. Ornamental trees such as Crape Myrtle Trees can look beautiful come blooming season. But if left uncared for, they can look like giant weeds. We will take the time to go over which service best suits your needs. Whether it is slightly thinning out the crown of your tree, or total crown reduction.

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is a popular service in any residential area. Trees are important to any community. The shade provided keeps temperatures down. The water they use helps keep yards dry after hard rains. Trees give much desired privacy in close quarter neighborhoods. And of course, they give aesthetic value to your, home, neighborhood and community. Unfortunately with all these desirable traits, they can also be a hindrance to your property. Homeowners can go crazy from the maintenance some trees need. Gumballs from Sweet Gum Trees and the year round dropping of branches from River Birch Trees are a few examples of the annoyances trees can bring to a property. The liability of any large tree close to your home can put some homeowners fearful during every storm. While we try to keep homeowners from cutting down a healthy tree with other options, we understand it’s important for our customers to feel comfortable in their own home. Surface roots can be disastrous to your home if a tree is planted too close to your home or driveway. All trees can grow large surface roots but some are notorious for it. River Birch Trees and Maple Trees commonly break up walkways and driveways. In rare cases, they can crack a concrete foundation. While you should be sure to have trees on your property for the value they give, It is important to have the right tree in the right area.

Stump Grinding Services

Stump removal is an optional service done after tree removal. Nobody wants an unsightly stump cluttering up their yard and flower beds. It takes a long time for a stump to rot out. Some types of trees are naturally rot resistant and can take decades to to rot completely. Mulberry trees can actually grow back after the tree is removed. Holes can be drilled in a stump to help facilitate rot but this helps only so much. We remove stumps with a Carlton 4400-4 professional stump grinding machine. Equipped with a Reverse S Green Teeth wheel it has the ability to grind the largest of stumps. While it is 52″ wide, the outer wheels come off to fit through gates 32″ wide.

Storm Cleanup

Storms are an unfortunate reality of our geographical location here in Chesapeake. While not very common, they can cause absolute destruction when they do occur. Trees are the main danger during a hurricane or tropical storm. Removing a large fallen tree from your property can be a daunting task for the average homeowner. Sometimes branches don’t fully break from a tree causing hazardous conditions around your property. We are happy to help our neighbors when these events happen. We our happy to help when these events occur and always give precedent to storm clean-up jobs. And when the worst happens and tree falls on your home, rest assured we can safely remove your tree without causing any additional damage to your home.