Tree Removal in Chesapeake & Virginia Beach

There are many reasons to remove a tree and tree removal is a common part of our job. Any large tree close to your home has some risk. We will always be honest with you about the risk factor of your trees. And we can advise you if they should be cut down or not. Disease on trees is common in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Bagworms and Mistletoe are just a few examples of parasites that can eventually kill your tree. Sometimes this can be treated, but sometimes the tree is too fargone and must be cut down.

Tree Removal Services in Chesapeake
Cutting down a tree in the backyard in Virginia Beach

Many people decide to remove their trees for aesthetic reasons and want to clear space for other types of landscaping or construction.  Surface roots on trees pose a hazard to any nearby driveways, sidewalks, foundations or any permanent structure.

Tree Removal Pricing

Tree removal prices can range from $150 to over $5000 for a single tree. There are too many variables to look at when pricing a tree removal job to give an accurate price over the phone or with pictures. Which is why we give free on site estimates. When getting a price, we will go over our process for cutting down your tree and leaving your property intact. We perform most jobs without bringing any heavy equipment on your property. We use climbing and rigging techniques to remove large trees from confined spaces. Brush is dragged out to our chipper and logs are dollied to a suitable place for us to load it into our trucks with a bobcat. Finally, Stump mulch is wheel barreled to the street to be loaded in to another truck.